Working undercover to uncover illegal activities

Getting solid evidence of illegal activities taking place under a false massage parlour board can be quite a tricky thing. It is almost as hard as a drug deal bust. No owner or employee would ever accept to such an act. The trick is to catch them red handed. Hence it can be tricky here

1The ads regarding job vacancies at such spas and resorts are very subtle and give no indication of any illegal activity that could be taking place. Employees who agree to such deals seem to be quite happy to take up just a job profile. There are few who do so because of financial constraints. They voluntarily work with just job profiles and have no qualms about doing so.

This kind of activity does not come to light unless a customer brings it to someone’s notice. There have been situations where the employee has had the courage to write a complaint. According to a case file, investigation of a certain spa began when an employee complained to the police. She stated in her First Information Report that the employer asked her to perform sex with the clients.

The arresting officer went undercover and called the number on a social web site. He was then asked to arrive at the destination as intimated by the employee on the phone. After arrival, he was intimated of the charges which would increase depending on the ‘services’ provided. It began with a naked massage. He was wired and was heard by the other officers at all time. Once the session began, he gave the key word and the backup arrived to arrest all in the premises.

All documents along with cell phones and records were confiscated. A secondary location was detected along with a client list and telephone records. The organization was charged with practicing illegal activities and given a twenty thousand dollar bond. The other charges included drug deals as well. As per the statement issued by the officials, the clients of the organization are also bound to be charged.


The offices and other undertakings that are around the massage parlours are unaware of the illegal activities that have been taking place in it. They are stunned that they have been clueless about the activities.

The problem is that these erotic massage ‘brothels’ flourishes despite the many federal anti-prostitution laws that place. Tackling the issue is not easy. The police tend to let the brothels operate based on a few conditions. According to the parlour owners and various community groups, as long as minors are not employed and the women are not forced to do anything that they do not want to do, the organization continues to exist. Organized crime should also be left out.

The police have certain lines which ought not to be crossed. Pimps who employ minors, exploit unwilling women and indulge in activities involving drugs are on their list. The police do not consider sexual activities between two consenting adults as something to be worried about. It is not on the priority of these police departments. They prefer that the sex happens in an official office rather than on the streets.

3In some jurisdictions where there are mixed opinions on the issue between decriminalizing prostitution versus letting it being practiced as a legal occupation, it is hard to take a stand. Prostitution is a class B crime punishable by a fine of up to 2000 dollars and 180 days in jail.

The ones that have been charged with prostitution and drugs are arrested with a high bail amount. Massage therapy license violation is also one of the charges that have been booked. Other violations include those for operating physical culture establishments and working without permits. Vacate order is issued as well. The certificate of occupancy and work are not properly authenticated in such situations. The human trafficking unit also plays in this case. They combine forces with the vice enforcement unit of the police department.

The senator steps in and announces to eradicate such shameful business practices immediately. The police are on high alert based on complaints and are given the power to control and solve such situations.

Some consider giving too much power to the police as a problem as well. Police abuse is not unheard of. Sometimes it is very hard to be protected from those who are supposed to protect. There ought to be someone to watch the police as well to make sure that the accused are not being taken advantage of.